Friday, January 04, 2008

The Internet Merges With The Intranet

Internet Marketing
Connectivity is Simply Amazing for Business Today

Projects abound this month with marketing, advertising, sales, branding, websites, fixing small business networks, new computer interfaces with old networked systems, Apple Mac hookups, Wireless laptops, networked printers, faxes, scanners, digital copiers, hardware, software, and a whole bunch of Internet technical terminology that is simply amazing.

The Internet has made learning super fast. If you need an answer for something, simply Google Search and low and behold; someone, somewhere, has written the answer to your question. Even if you don't get an exact answer to a specific question, the knowledge base for building upon a hypothesis is at your fingertips. People are becoming experts at quite a large number of higher learning areas by simply reading the information online.

Benjamin Franklin was known for his eclectic knowledge base, and studies, and scientific achievements that were simply incredible. I have come to the conclusion that good ole Ben Franklin loved learning. I can only imagine what he would have done with the Internet.

Today, there are billions of additional people in the world as compared to Benjamin Franklin's days. Is it any wonder that technology is changing so quickly? The Internet has opened up the Books for millions and millions of people that can simply type a search query into a PC, and low and behold out pops answers. People then build upon what others have done and take it to the next level in understanding and creativeness.

So, if you think the Internet doesn't affect you, you haven't opened your eyes. Think of yourself as a local Intranet (yourself and your family). As you learn information, you affect those around you on your own personal Internet (extended family, friends, workers, and acquaintances). Today, from a technology standpoint, Intranets for businesses are simply internal networks for all types of collaborative activities. In comparison; the Internet is the Wide Area Network, extended across the whole face of the earth. This is the World Wide Web.

If you look closely, both the Intranet and the Internet are merging into one. A large percentage of people that are online have more than one computer in their household today. Different family members, doing different online activities at the same time have made such a demand for building local area networks that are both wired and wireless, that you can go down to just about any type of consumer products store and buy a wireless router to fill the network needs.

Yes, the same technology that is used in a local area network, with a router hooking up computers together through IP addresses and domain names (network printers) is the same thing that happens on a larger scale across the whole World Wide Web.

So, once again, if you think the Internet doesn't affect you, you must be in a cave.

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Article is by Jim Warholic, President and CEO of Professional Web Services, Inc.