Sunday, July 19, 2009

-1 Star Review: Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

I felt ripped off.

My wife asked me to go see it with her, and I reluctantly agreed. I've seen the other Harry Potter movies, and this one by far was the most disjointed. The movie was over 2 1/2 hours long, and still didn't tie up any loose ends. Some scenes in the movie were added for no reason, some were played out with no logical sense, and most scenes left you scratching your head. Like, what was that all about?

The only thing that this movie does is waste my time, waste my money, and drag the story on, and on, and on. I was at least expecting a little more action. However, the only action that they had in the movie didn't make any logical sense in the least.

What's up with all the love triangles? There were more angles to those triangles than you would see on a soap opera. He likes her, but she likes the other guy, but the other guy likes someone else, and every one of the main characters in the movie are so dense that they can't tell who likes whom. Even when Hermione is having an emotional breakdown, and she starts throwing items at Ron Weasley, which is just after Ron has been mulled by another infatuated girl, and Harry is at the same time comforting Hermione while she is throwing things at Ron; they all seem to be in some form of emotional trifecta dunce-ville.

Boring, boring, and boring.

Save your money.

Teenyboppers seem to love this movie. Maybe it's because of their love affair with the characters, and the junior-high mentality of both the target audience and the portrayal of the characters in the movie. On-the-other-hand, if you are over the age of adolescence, and looking for a place to go to sleep, then go see the movie, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.