Sunday, May 28, 2006

Notice: Hosting Account Exceeds Plan Limitations - Please Upgrade

Talk about a rude morning e mail to wake up to:

"Notice: Hosting Account Exceeds Plan Limitations - Please Upgrade"

I just went to the computer to check my email and that message above hit me in the face. I am saying no way to myself! We have several servers with 10 GB of storage on one of the servers and various websites take up a total storage of 188.1 MB on this one. So I place a phone call to the hosting provider and tell them the same thing. Now, I am getting a little ticked off to say the least because the auto generated email is telling me to upgrade my storage.

After telling the service provider my story I start checking out the various email accounts; thinking an email account is filling up the entire storage capacity. Nope - it was not. The provider wanted to send me up to the next level of service, which would have been a charge to my account because we are running a virtual dedicate server for the account. When this was mentioned about the additional sevice charge, you can image it did not sit well with me. However, the manager was helpful on the other end after I pushed a little further to tell them that I was a long time customer and informed this person on the same story I had previously stated. She mentioned that the control panel does show the total disk usage with the virtual server but doesn't break it out. I was over capacity. I would need to check directory by directory, databases, logfiles, and other various programs running on the server.

Well, when she mentioned "logfiles" that started me thinking that maybe the log files have been accumulating. Sure enough, one of the log files amounted to nearly 3 GB worth of information. Needless to say, it was time to do some log file maintenance.

I realized that when we first set the server up, we started the log files and they just kept collecting and collecting over the past year or so.

So much for my relaxing Sunday morning.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Crazy Horse Saloon

Posting from Chico, CA Graduation Night Saturday Night / Sunday Morning 5/21/2006

Well, our daughter and several of her friends managed to get us and another couple (parents of a friend also graduating) to the Crazy Horse Saloon in Chico. She wanted to buy us some drinks for a celebration of her graduating with a Degree in Business Marketing from CSU, Chico State University. Quite a mixture of mostly Country with some Rock n Role.

She needed to borrow some money from us in order to do this. It really is the thought that counts...

We spent the day going to the three hour graduation ceremony from 8:00 am till 11:00 am. Then a late breakfast brunch at Nash's Restaurant. Then with her friend and the friend's parents over for some shopping at the local Costco for some party food for Sunday.

Chico State University has such a large graduating class that they have to do graduation over a two day period. Half of the schools' graduates go on Saturday, the other half on Sunday. Different majors on each day.

Need to get some shut eye.

Yee Ha!

Live from Chico, CA

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Friday, May 12, 2006

News I Wish I Could Comment

Nationally Syndicated Columnists write excellent articles at various online news outlets but many of these news websites do not provide a means for comments from their readers.

With the blogging softwares that are available, there is no reason for major websites not to include the ability for readers to provide their thoughts online. Granted, with the amount of spam online it certainly creates an opportunity for the spammers to take advantage of the situation. However, there can be controls that could very easily be implemented to provide this valuable service for readers of the online publications.

Each columnist could be given control over his/her area for monitoring the comments. There would be the added benefit of feedback to the writer for the current story; as well as any future ideas that might come out of the comments. Readership would increase , because readers would want to see what others thought of the story, plus those that do leave a comment are more likely to return in the future. With email notification, comments could be monitored before they are placed on the site. Or the comments could be posted to begin with and if it was truly someone taking advantage of the situation to be off topic, the comment could be deleted.

Actually, any news article, whether the article is written by a reporter or columnist could provide this outlet for their readers. Yes, it is true that most people will not place a comment, but for those that want to become more interactive on the Internet, by providing their thoughts and ideas this would be an excellent opportunity online.

News organizations could help brand themselves by providing this form of media outlet. I think a lot of news websites are living in the pre Internet days; when they had newspaper subscriptions that were going up and up. Now however, newspapers are loosing subscriptions like a bucket with a hole in the bottom. People are letting their subscriptions lapse and instead are getting their news online. Even the local news can be found simply by targeting a Google News local news search for the various keywords. Email alerts can be set up using Google Alerts. With this service, news can be delivered daily to your email box.

So, National, International, Local, and Global News organizations better think quickly and provide a means for comments on their websites. With the Internet, the jump from one Brand to another is simply a click away.

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